Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo update*

It's been long time that we have not updated the photos of Timmy. 

Here are some photos that i took today. :-)

Yeah!!! Timmy can already push up his body. Are you ready to crawl now, Timmy? XD

Haha....Timmy is so cute when we spoon fed him the mashed banana. He wanted to eat the bowl!!! *LOL* look like a lazy big boss *LOL*

My fingers taste better *LOL*

Timmy likes to play as an aeroplane. But, he is more interested in the camera! XD


  1. What a sweet little baby. He is so precious.

  2. he so small........... :)

    woo hoo..........\,,,/

  3. What a beautiful, and happy baby boy.

  4. Hi Martin,

    Your baby Timmy is sooo lovable and cute.

    Business Sphere, soon to be a father of a baby girl


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