Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boom - Our Baby Timmy fall down from the bed

Our baby is now around 5 months and 3 weeks old. Yesterday morning, my husband and i have been so shocked and frightened because our baby boy fell down from the bed. This was the first time, and i hope it would be the last time too!!

We don't know how he could fall down from the bed. He slept with us together in the same bed, it is a king sized bed. He slept between us. Both of us slept deeply, until we heard a "Bomp"!!!

Our first thought was -Timmy- our little boy!!! He fall down from the bed!

This was a scary thought for me, but it did happen! My husband quickly jumped out of the bed, and hold him up, at that time, Timmy was already crying out loud!!! It must be painful for him!!!

He fall down from the end of the bed, that's why we still could not find out how he made this, i mean move to the end of the bed without that we noticed his movements (usually he cries when he moves on his back, too).

I felt so bad and sad that he fall down. He is just a baby, i am afraid the knock on his head and body will damage his brain or his body.

Does anyone has experienced this?? What did you feel at that time and what did you do?


  1. I've got 3 kids and they have all fallen off the bed or sofa, just watch out and make sure that he is not lethargic, or too sleepy or vomiting, then you need to get him to a hospital. Babies are pretty tough, if I were you I would not keep the baby in the bed with you anymore. So many die that way. Read this:


  2. All babies take a tumble or two when they're young, often it's when you're changing them on the changin table, and you reach for a diaper or something along that line. Luckily they seem preety resilent which doesn't make you feel any better though. But, I would echo the warning; babies should not sleep in a regular bed with parents. Baby beds have guard rails for a good reason, to keep babies safe. The stats of babies being smothered to death due to the covers, and or the adult rolling over on them bare out the fact that it's not a good idea. You mentioned you're both heavy sleepers, all the more reason to get a safe baby bed. Chances are you'll all sleep better than.

    Good Luck
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  3. scary yes, my son fell from our bed too when he was young :c

  4. I think all my kids have fallen from either the couch or the bed. They move around and are so quick. I think it scares them more then anything when they cry.

  5. our baby girl also fell down not from the bed but from her crib and it's 3 feet deep. her head was the first to touch down the floor, thankfully we have rugs on the floor but still she cried so loud.

    you just have to observe the baby after falling down if he stumble or vomiting, if there is none of those then he should be fine. babies are meant to be flexible and our baby girl is good after falling down hard twice.

  6. Poor baby, I am glad he is OK.

  7. Five months, he must be crawling pretty fast. When my babies were that small and I had them in bed with me (mothers are always too tired to move most times or hear things) I tied a ribbon around one ankle (the first one fell out of a bed not the rest) with a couple of tiny jingle type of bells; when they moved the bell was enough to jog my sleeping thoughts "baby on the move". Good luck.

  8. My lil Steffie is a wiggler.... she spins around in the bed and turns in every direction. She has fallen off the bed a few times even though we put pillows on both sides if we are not in bed with her. It is really scary when you hear that thump! You can get rails that attach to your bed to prevent them from falling.

    A Lil Enchanted,

  9. I hope he's doing OK. Try the finger trick. Make him look at your index finger and have him follow it from side to side. If he does then he's Ok which means he doesn't have any contusion on the head. Babies are very flexible at this age. But just to be on the safe side, make sure he to have him checked by her pedia.

  10. Oh gosh, so sorry to hear bout timmy! HOpe he is ok by now. Just watch out for vomitting or some giddiness in him. If he starts to move funny, rush him to your nearest GP. I've experienced that once with my boy. He was walking and slipped and landed on his head. He vomitted, we rushed him to the ER, but he was ok after that. thank goodnes!


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