Monday, August 31, 2009

Biting and Breastfeeding gonna becareful next time...don't be shock if i bite you again *LOL*

As i mentioned earlier in the post, our little one has already two teeth, and this makes breastfeeding a little bit difficult for me. The situation was getting worse in the last two days and i decided asking for help in the forum. But most of the responses that i have got there were telling me to stop breastfeeding or cut down the frequency of breastfeeding. :-( Well...i did feel disappointed because i do not want to stop breastfeeding because of biting. And i personally do not think biting would be the reason to take away the right of a baby to be nursed. My goal is to breastfeed Timmy for 2 years or until he wants to stop. 

Then yesterday night i read the online baby book for this topic. Luckily i have got this wonderful baby book from a baby forum. After reading, i just realized that i was totally wrong. Previously, when Timmy bit me, i would push him away and shouted for pain. But this book suggested that this is not the ideal method to stop the biting, and it may cause the nipple to be hurt too. Well...that's true. Whenever i shouted, Timmy would just look at me with his big eyes, perhaps he was surprised that i would scream, then you know what, after looking at me, he smiled! Awww.....Seems funny for him ;-) 

So, today, i adopted the method suggested in the book. Normally Timmy does not bite when he is hungry. Biting only happens in the end of feeding. So, today, Timmy was just like usual, he did it again in the end of feeding. Instead of screaming and pushing him away, i pulled him close to my breast, very close. Immediately, he opened his mouth. And wow....i did not feel much pain like before because of the "fight". :-) I will keep doing this until he will not bite me again. 

For those breastfeeding moms who have encountered this problem. You can visit this website for more tips Taking the Bite out of Breastfeeding!

Happy breastfeeding :-) 


Photo update*

It's been long time that we have not updated the photos of Timmy. 

Here are some photos that i took today. :-)

Yeah!!! Timmy can already push up his body. Are you ready to crawl now, Timmy? XD

Haha....Timmy is so cute when we spoon fed him the mashed banana. He wanted to eat the bowl!!! *LOL* look like a lazy big boss *LOL*

My fingers taste better *LOL*

Timmy likes to play as an aeroplane. But, he is more interested in the camera! XD

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Homemade toy for Timmy :-)

Recently i have been in love in felt craft. Since i have learnt the sewing skills in high school before, then i decided to give it a try. :-) I bought the materials online a week ago. When i received the parcel, i'd love to start immediately. But i had an assignment which was due soon.

And two days before i just had time to started this homemade toy. The reason that i made this first because the rattles that we bought for Timmy are too big and heavy for him to grasp. I hope the homemade toy will train his fingers to grasp the things. With this homemade toy, he could grasp easily and he tried to adjust his fingers to hold properly. I am happy to see this. :-)

The funny thing is, at this stage, if you put something in front of Timmy or in his hand, then he loves to "eat" it. At first, he grasped the ring, observed for a while, tried to adjust his fingers to grasp. After the observation, the hand will automatically put the ring towards his mouth. XD He is so cute!!!! :-)

This is what i have made for Timmy :-) I still need to improve my sewing skill. XD

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Awful feeling

Since yesterday i have found out Timmy has already two teeth coming out....i always have strange feelings while breastfeeding him XD.....yeah, i have the worries of every breastfeeding moms have. I'm afraid Timmy will bite me. :-( Well, he did bite me sometimes now....and hurts!!! I shouted and told him that don't bite mommy again...but he did it again and again!!! I don't know what to do...seems he does not understand what he has done to me. He just looked at me with curious big eyes and then turned his head away. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww..........

I thought telling him not to do that again will stop him, isn't it suggested us to do??

What can i do now??? I definitely do not want to stop breastfeeding because of this. Is there any methods to avoid this?

Having awful feeling while breastfeeding is really funny. He seems enjoying the moments but then i am worrying. =_= But luckily he won't bite me when he is hungry. He does it only when he is full and begin to be playful ;-) Then i will have the shocking pain.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Banana and teeth XD

Since Timmy is already six-month-old and able to sit on his own firmly now, then i think it's time to introduce him the natural solid food (we stopped the rice cereal after i have found out he had some kind of constipation after that, and also i was reluctant to give because of the artificial flavour).

Today, i made the mashed banana and wanted to feed Timmy. I added some breastmilk into it so that the mashed banana would not be so "thick". My husband was holding him and i was just in front of Timmy preparing his food. It was so much fun and joy to see Timmy's expression while i was expressing out the milk into the mashed banana. He looked really curious. :-) I think he was already craving for it! :-D

Then i fed Timmy 1/4 spoon mashed banana, wow.....he quickly leaned forward to catch the spoon! XD Guess what happened? Haha.. i tell you what, i would not forget his first expression to get the banana!! :-D He frowned, haha.. i thought he would not love the taste of it, because the expression was just like the time he got the medication after injection! Then i tried another 1/4 spoon, hehe...he still leaned forward to it and quickly swallow the food. XD No more frown but smile and some cute sounds, seems like he was saying: "mommy, i want more..i want more..." XD I'm not joking, i was really feeling like that at that time as he always leaned forward to me and wanted to catch the bowl! I bet he likes the taste of banana because it is sweet! Oh...poor little boy, mommy could not give you more than one spoon. Mommy will give you more after a week, ok? :-D

Then after the enjoyable lunch time of Timmy, i used the warm wet towel to wipe his mouth, i always scared to hurt his gums. Then surprisingly, i saw something "white" on the gum. Hahaa.....our little Timmy has had already two teeth!!!!! No wonder these few days i felt some "pain" when i breastfed him. Whooo....Time flies, and finally Timmy has got the teeth. I have to introduce him more and more food so that he can eat with us together in the future soon!

I read from the book, we can introduce 3 new food to baby a month. One new food a week for observation. If the baby has no allergies to the food after a week, then we can add another new food. But my question is, for example, if my baby has no problem with banana after a week, then i want to introduce him avocado. At that time, should i only feed him avocado? Or i can feed him avocado and banana too? Let say, morning avocado, after banana?

I'm the first time mommy and have no experience about this. Pls give me some suggestions!! Thanks!!!!

Timmy, mommy is happy to see you love your food and hope that you will love the food that momy will introduce to you in the future! :-)

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Friday, August 21, 2009

The first time: Spoonfeeding our baby boy!

It was just two weeks ago as we decided to try to spoonfeed our little boy. As you might know from one of our previous posts, he didn't like anymore to be bottle-fed since May 2009. Before that time he loves to drink from the bottle, he even emptied a bottle with 3 or 4 ounces within 10 minutes. Now it takes up to 45 minutes (with several breaks after 1 ounce) for him.

That was one of the main reasons to try the spoon feeding. We bought a starter pack for babies. That's a mixture with Rice flour and vanillin flavour. At first we thought he wouldn't like the different taste but in the end... he eat and eat and eat and was disappointed as the first ounce was already finished after 15 Minutes.

Let's see when we can start to give him little bit more solid food as this starter pack is just like usual breast milk with little pieces of this rice flour powder.

Monday, August 17, 2009

MM: Ralf Bendix - Babysitter-Boogie Song

This is one of the German oldies (a very short one with less than 2 Minutes) about babies. Just listen to it for a few seconds and you will like it already as soon as the babies start to laugh!

Enjoy the Music Monday!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Breastfeeding Tips

As we wrote in one of our first posts on the Baby-Blog, Breastfeeding has tremendous positive effects on babies and mother's health in the future it's now the question how to breastfeed a baby correctly.

In the beginning it's sometimes quite difficult to get the hang on it, especially when the baby doesn't want to suck or when the baby bites into the nipple. In this case the nipples can get cracked easily and it's a painful time breastfeeding.

Here are some useful tips for mothers who breastfeed or want to breastfeed in the future:

Friday, August 14, 2009

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MM: Falco - Rock me Amadeus

One of my favourites from the 80's is Falco. This is one of the more famous one worldwide, even if he came from Austria.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boom - Our Baby Timmy fall down from the bed

Our baby is now around 5 months and 3 weeks old. Yesterday morning, my husband and i have been so shocked and frightened because our baby boy fell down from the bed. This was the first time, and i hope it would be the last time too!!

We don't know how he could fall down from the bed. He slept with us together in the same bed, it is a king sized bed. He slept between us. Both of us slept deeply, until we heard a "Bomp"!!!

Our first thought was -Timmy- our little boy!!! He fall down from the bed!

This was a scary thought for me, but it did happen! My husband quickly jumped out of the bed, and hold him up, at that time, Timmy was already crying out loud!!! It must be painful for him!!!

He fall down from the end of the bed, that's why we still could not find out how he made this, i mean move to the end of the bed without that we noticed his movements (usually he cries when he moves on his back, too).

I felt so bad and sad that he fall down. He is just a baby, i am afraid the knock on his head and body will damage his brain or his body.

Does anyone has experienced this?? What did you feel at that time and what did you do?

Monday, August 3, 2009

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

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