Monday, June 29, 2009

Music Monday - Jixiang Sanbao

This is one of the favorite songs of my wife, a new taste for all of you this time. This is a family musician group who is a very famous in China.

I think you all will like this song, too! Let's play it!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby development: From two to four months

In part two of the baby development we look at the month two until four.

The exciting times began in April as we could see that he began developing his senses. First we recognized that he can see now things more clearly as he followed for example a little toy when we moved it from right to left within a distance of 10 to 15 centimeters. In the last week of April he started with smiling, at first only occasionally, in the following weeks frequently (this was after the nurse asked us if he could already smile ;-) ).

From April on there was also the development of stronger neck muscles visible. He tried to lift up his head from time to time. In the first weeks it was just a few centimeters and the moving of the head from one side to the other side.
From May on he began using his arms to lift up the upper body and from that time on he started to creep around in our bed.

The smiling began to develop now more rapidly and it was not only during the sleeping times that he made the smiles. If you looked at him or if you just said specific words (when he was in the play mood), he started to smile for some seconds. With the beginning of June there was another sound available, not only the different "talking and babbling" sounds like grg, angu, wau and so on. No, now he started to laugh!

In the last week he suddenly turned over which means he rolled from lying on the tummy to lying on the back. Usually when he turns to the back, he will start crying because in this position he can't move that much like in the tummy position.
But as soon as he learned to roll over, he develop the backward crawling. He uses his legs and then he pushes himself back and back again.

In August we will present you the third part of his development from four to six months. We expect that he can sit then or even begin to crawl by using his legs.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby development: From zero to two months

Now we reached already the fourth month since our baby Timmy was born in February. It was a time with ups and down in these last four months.

Beginning with the first day and the discovered food intolerance. They had to clean the lung and his stomach because he suddenly began choking and nearly couldn't breath anymore. In this night he had to be transferred to the well-equipped General Hospital in Johor Bahru in a oxygen tent. It was a really scary trip for me in the emergency car as i didn't know how severe this situation was.

He had to stay in that hospital for two weeks. While staying there he used to get many injections because they had to feed him in the first week additional with the common Glucose-Mixture. One day we visited him and then we saw that they put the injection needle on the top of his head. They said there was no more place available on the arms and legs, so they had to find another obvious available vein.

For luck he could drink daily more and more of mommies breast milk, so that they could stop using the outside feeding method.

After this two weeks they allowed us to take him home - how happy we have been when they told us this news!

During the month of march it was mostly a time of sleeping and eating and on some days a longer crying period (especially at night when you usually want to sleep *lol*). It was also a time when we had to learn to control our own sleep rhythm, so that we wouldn't be that tired when he woke up one or two times during the night. But this is one of the most difficult parts of being fresh parents i guess. We also suffered from sleep deprivation and it lasts until now. Hopefully we look into the future and we believe as the next weeks will pass, he will develop a more regular sleeping pattern. At the moment it seems like he sleeps very long in the afternoon and then is awake from 5 am until 7 or 8 am.

Part two with the development from two to four month is following tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MM: Whitney Houston - One Moment in Time

This week we present one of my "old" favorite songs from Whitney Houston. It's "One Moment in Time".

I hope Whitney Houston would start again a come back because she had a brilliant voice and her songs have been excellent, too. Let's see if she can fight against the drug addictions in the near future.

Here's the Music video:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Funny Friday - Difference Man - Woman

Difference between Man and Woman
Who doesn't feel the same when you watch in the mirror *lol*?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WW - Turtle made with a towel

A few words :-) My brother was on a diving tour and each day when the divers came back to the hotel there was a different type of animal who lives in the ocean made from a towel.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MM: The Gummy Bear song with Lyrics

Hello, this time we present you a funny cartoon song about the delicious junk food called gummy bears.

I love to eat this little jelly bears!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My first time: I love digital scrapping!!

I guess many mommies do the book/digital scrapping. I am a newbie and i totally fall in love with digital scrapping now :-)

Luckily my hubby -cornyman- bought a new laptop which has the Photoshop Elements (my own laptop can be considered an antique, which does not have these kind of programmes). So, i started to edit some photos but i found it difficult for me until i have found the Shabby Princess. It is such a wonderful page, i learned the digital scrapping by Photoshop Elements from Shabby Princess tutorials. It is easy, understandable and absolutely for a newbie like me :-)

I attempted the digital scrapping for my very first time, and i really really love it. I guess i will be addicted to it ;-) I designed the page by using the FREE kits from Shabby Princess. You can download the wonderful FREE kits from here. Hope you enjoy scrapping :-)

Here are the pages that i made ;-) What do you think about my first one?

Timmy hand in hand with Oma (Grandma) As we have said, Timmy's grandma (Oma) visited us from Germany. On that day, my father drove us back to Kuala Lumpur. Timmy was always together with Oma. From this page, we know how much fun they had together :-)

Dinner at japanese restaurant with OmaThis is my second attempt, i just finished it. The pictures were taken on 26/5/09. We had our dinner at a Japanese Restaurant. Timmy was tired before the dinner, he fall into sleep during the walk to the shopping mall. But he was awake during the time when we had our meal. Luckily i nearly finished my dinner so that i could play with him ;-)

Can you see the music toy (elephant) in the picture?

It is a present for Timmy from Oma's best girlfriend. Danke!! Timmy loves the elephant and the melody "LaLeLu" :-)

I will try to make some more in the coming days. I am sure it will become my hobby :-)

Have a nice day .

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our baby's development since birth

For parents it's always important to know if their babies are in line with the actual development of the other babies or if there is a bigger time gap between one of the development, may it be physically, visionally or mentally.

The time frame for certain steps of the baby's development are:

  1. smiling
  2. focusing the eyes on moving objects
  3. moving the head up and down (supporting of the neck muscles)
  4. creeping
  5. sounds (like babbling)
  6. laughing

Friday, June 5, 2009

A short review of the Adgitize Network

Update: New Screenshot!

Now it's 14 days since i joined the Advertising Network of Adgitize (I'm member of Adgitize since early April but only as Publisher in that time).

What are the main points of joining as Advertiser? What has changed since 31st of May?

  1. I got a lot more traffic than i had imagined before i choose to advertise. For these 14 days it has been between 72 and 118 more visitors daily.

  2. There are a lot of new visitors which i would have never get in contact.

  3. I got new comments and followers for my blog.

  4. Most of the Adgitize visitors are also members of Entrecard. They drop their card, too. So the new traffic is visible for me and i can do them a favor and drop my card on them, too!

  5. The earning situation has improved very well. In these few days i earned already over 7.67 $, without Advertising (for 14 $ a month, less than 0,50 $ per day) it would have been just 2 to 3 $ + the drops from Entrecard members (which give me also 1 EC).
I'm very happy with this development and want to thank all new visitor for reading our blog, leaving comments and dropping their cards.

We found so many new blogs in the last days just from the new Adgitize visitors with a very big variety of topics. This is what makes it a whole new experience!!

For the members of Entrecard who want to advertise on our blog:

It's a very good opportunity because we don't accept paid ads (full exposure for 24 hours!) and we get now 400% to 600% more visitors than before (like you see on the picture above).
The click rate was between 16 and 30 clicks in these days!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EntreCard Top Dropper May 2009

Top droppers on Entrecard for May 2009

The first five Top Droppers will get 100 ECs transferred in the coming days.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by on our baby-blog and also for everyone who commented in the last month. Hope to see you again. We will drop back as often as possible!

And don't forget, the more often you drop by, the higher the chances to win some ECs as new Top Dropper for June 2009!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to the new Adgitize members!

Now it has been over two weeks with no activities on our baby blog. So it was time for a "change" Since a few hours we are also Advertiser on the Adgitize network.

We hope we can find a lot of new friends for our baby blog. We will update our blog frequently with interesting articles around babies and kids, especially about our own son (3 months and 2 weeks).

There are already many articles available for you, so take a look at them and if you like it or want to discuss about one of these topics leave us a comment on them!

Again a big welcome to the Adgitize members!

In the next hours we will publish also the list of the new Top Droppers from EntreCard. The first five EntreCard members will win 100 ECs!!
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