Friday, August 21, 2009

The first time: Spoonfeeding our baby boy!

It was just two weeks ago as we decided to try to spoonfeed our little boy. As you might know from one of our previous posts, he didn't like anymore to be bottle-fed since May 2009. Before that time he loves to drink from the bottle, he even emptied a bottle with 3 or 4 ounces within 10 minutes. Now it takes up to 45 minutes (with several breaks after 1 ounce) for him.

That was one of the main reasons to try the spoon feeding. We bought a starter pack for babies. That's a mixture with Rice flour and vanillin flavour. At first we thought he wouldn't like the different taste but in the end... he eat and eat and eat and was disappointed as the first ounce was already finished after 15 Minutes.

Let's see when we can start to give him little bit more solid food as this starter pack is just like usual breast milk with little pieces of this rice flour powder.


  1. He is soooooo cute!!! I bet he is happier to have solid food. I remember when my son first ate solids, he made this funny Woody Woodpecker sound he was so excited. It was so funny! We loved feeding time, just so we could hear him make the sound...LOL!! He is 7 now and I miss him being a baby, especially seeing your adorable wee one there.

    GOD bless you and yours.

    In service for JESUS,


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