Monday, August 31, 2009

Biting and Breastfeeding gonna becareful next time...don't be shock if i bite you again *LOL*

As i mentioned earlier in the post, our little one has already two teeth, and this makes breastfeeding a little bit difficult for me. The situation was getting worse in the last two days and i decided asking for help in the forum. But most of the responses that i have got there were telling me to stop breastfeeding or cut down the frequency of breastfeeding. :-( Well...i did feel disappointed because i do not want to stop breastfeeding because of biting. And i personally do not think biting would be the reason to take away the right of a baby to be nursed. My goal is to breastfeed Timmy for 2 years or until he wants to stop. 

Then yesterday night i read the online baby book for this topic. Luckily i have got this wonderful baby book from a baby forum. After reading, i just realized that i was totally wrong. Previously, when Timmy bit me, i would push him away and shouted for pain. But this book suggested that this is not the ideal method to stop the biting, and it may cause the nipple to be hurt too. Well...that's true. Whenever i shouted, Timmy would just look at me with his big eyes, perhaps he was surprised that i would scream, then you know what, after looking at me, he smiled! Awww.....Seems funny for him ;-) 

So, today, i adopted the method suggested in the book. Normally Timmy does not bite when he is hungry. Biting only happens in the end of feeding. So, today, Timmy was just like usual, he did it again in the end of feeding. Instead of screaming and pushing him away, i pulled him close to my breast, very close. Immediately, he opened his mouth. And wow....i did not feel much pain like before because of the "fight". :-) I will keep doing this until he will not bite me again. 

For those breastfeeding moms who have encountered this problem. You can visit this website for more tips Taking the Bite out of Breastfeeding!

Happy breastfeeding :-) 


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