Sunday, August 30, 2009

Homemade toy for Timmy :-)

Recently i have been in love in felt craft. Since i have learnt the sewing skills in high school before, then i decided to give it a try. :-) I bought the materials online a week ago. When i received the parcel, i'd love to start immediately. But i had an assignment which was due soon.

And two days before i just had time to started this homemade toy. The reason that i made this first because the rattles that we bought for Timmy are too big and heavy for him to grasp. I hope the homemade toy will train his fingers to grasp the things. With this homemade toy, he could grasp easily and he tried to adjust his fingers to hold properly. I am happy to see this. :-)

The funny thing is, at this stage, if you put something in front of Timmy or in his hand, then he loves to "eat" it. At first, he grasped the ring, observed for a while, tried to adjust his fingers to grasp. After the observation, the hand will automatically put the ring towards his mouth. XD He is so cute!!!! :-)

This is what i have made for Timmy :-) I still need to improve my sewing skill. XD


  1. This is nice cornyman. You know you may submit your craft work in my blog to be shared with others for my "Crafty Crafted Friends" corner rite? Just go to the Submit your craft column and complete the necessary, it will link back to you. Gd day.. :)

  2. Hi Merryn,

    I did not know that i can submit my craft in your blog. I will do this later. Thanks for that!! :-)

  3. Hi, alessandra.

    Thanks a lot! I am glad you like it :-)


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