Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Banana and teeth XD

Since Timmy is already six-month-old and able to sit on his own firmly now, then i think it's time to introduce him the natural solid food (we stopped the rice cereal after i have found out he had some kind of constipation after that, and also i was reluctant to give because of the artificial flavour).

Today, i made the mashed banana and wanted to feed Timmy. I added some breastmilk into it so that the mashed banana would not be so "thick". My husband was holding him and i was just in front of Timmy preparing his food. It was so much fun and joy to see Timmy's expression while i was expressing out the milk into the mashed banana. He looked really curious. :-) I think he was already craving for it! :-D

Then i fed Timmy 1/4 spoon mashed banana, wow.....he quickly leaned forward to catch the spoon! XD Guess what happened? Haha.. i tell you what, i would not forget his first expression to get the banana!! :-D He frowned, haha.. i thought he would not love the taste of it, because the expression was just like the time he got the medication after injection! Then i tried another 1/4 spoon, hehe...he still leaned forward to it and quickly swallow the food. XD No more frown but smile and some cute sounds, seems like he was saying: "mommy, i want more..i want more..." XD I'm not joking, i was really feeling like that at that time as he always leaned forward to me and wanted to catch the bowl! I bet he likes the taste of banana because it is sweet! Oh...poor little boy, mommy could not give you more than one spoon. Mommy will give you more after a week, ok? :-D

Then after the enjoyable lunch time of Timmy, i used the warm wet towel to wipe his mouth, i always scared to hurt his gums. Then surprisingly, i saw something "white" on the gum. Hahaa.....our little Timmy has had already two teeth!!!!! No wonder these few days i felt some "pain" when i breastfed him. Whooo....Time flies, and finally Timmy has got the teeth. I have to introduce him more and more food so that he can eat with us together in the future soon!

I read from the book, we can introduce 3 new food to baby a month. One new food a week for observation. If the baby has no allergies to the food after a week, then we can add another new food. But my question is, for example, if my baby has no problem with banana after a week, then i want to introduce him avocado. At that time, should i only feed him avocado? Or i can feed him avocado and banana too? Let say, morning avocado, after banana?

I'm the first time mommy and have no experience about this. Pls give me some suggestions!! Thanks!!!!

Timmy, mommy is happy to see you love your food and hope that you will love the food that momy will introduce to you in the future! :-)

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