Saturday, August 1, 2009

EntreCard Top Dropper July 2009

EntreCardThank you to all members of Entrecard who visit, read and comment on our Baby-Blog. Our actual daily Top Droppers can be seen on the sidebar.

The TOP 5 Dropper receive in July 100 ECs:

A Simple Life

Your Fun Family

Mommy's Little Corner

Hello Kitty Gifts


WIN-WIN-WIN-ECs-ECs-ECs-Ad Space-Ad Space-Ad Space-Cash-Cash-Cash-WIN-WIN-WIN
If you like to gain some more exposure for your blog, you can take part in our Contest as a sponsor. The contest will run from 1st September until 31st December 2009.
There will be daily, weekly, monthly and finally several Grand Prizes at the end of the Contest.
At the moment we have over 190.000 ECs, probably over 30 ad spaces (under review) and 55 $ cash prize
(we collect until 31st August, the earlier we get your offer, the better can we organize the Contest!).

It's an easy and fun contest which can be solved by everyone.
Just check the sponsorship on Cornymans Moneypage.
It was never so easy to gain new readers, visitors and followers!

Hope to see you all soon again on our blog and in the Entrecard Inbox! Have a great time blogging, reading and commenting!

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