Sunday, September 20, 2009

Part 2: Forward crawling

In the last week, when Timmy was about 6 months and 3 weeks old, he made the forward crawling. It was amazing to see that from him.

At that time, i was preparing for my exam, so there would be some notes left on the bed. Perhaps it's new for Timmy, he was really interested in my papers! He wanted to grab my papers, but at first he had to get to the place where the papers were. So.......he made it!! ;-) There was no longer backward crawling but forward crawling. We were so happy that Timmy had already achieved this milestone.

Once Timmy knows how to crawl forward, oooo....he becomes super active now. He wants to crawl all over the bed and grab whatever he wants. He is especially interested in my books and papers XD Therefore, we cannot leave him alone now, even when he is sleeping. We do not know when he will wake up and start crawling.

Timmy likes to crawl over our bodies and use our bodies to support him to stand up. He now wants to stand up! He always wants to push himself up when he knows there are things to support him (like high pillows, table, our bodies, bed headboard). Yesterday i tried to hold him in my hand, and he pushed himself up in order to stand. I was really afraid...his legs could not support him...and afraid he would have o-shape legs in the future.

I think the next milestone that Timmy wants to achieve is standing up. We look forward to it. :-)

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