Monday, September 7, 2009

Food allergy rash????

I have mentioned in the previous post, that we fed Timmy the processed organic green peas. We stopped feeding him two days later. Because Timmy had constipation and also the farting during the night became a sleeping problem.

So, one day without any solid food. This afternoon i made him the mashed sweet potato mixed with breastmilk. He liked it and always wanted to have more.

Well....he took the naps during the day. And each time he woke up, i would find out there were some new red dots appeared on his legs. And just now i found out again another 2 red dots on both his face and stomach.

Actually there were 3 red dots appeared on his thigh on the last day that i fed him mashed banana. There was no sign of allergies appearing on those days. That made me never think of food allergy. But, the 3 small red dots suddenly became very red and swollen on Thursday night. It looks like a mosquito bite or insect bite. The next day Timmy had the regular monthly check in the government clinic, and the doctor said it might be the ant bite.

It's been 3 days now, and dots are still there, just mo more that swollen. But, during these days, i have noticed Timmy had another few red dots, they just seem like the heat rash. And today after the solid food, there are more obvious rash..... I really don't know what they are. Ant bites? Heat rash? Or food allergy rash???

When i recall the memory, Timmy never had any rash before i introduced him the solid food. So it's understandable i would think it's because of the food. I will stop feeding him the solid food first and see whether the rash will go away. If they are gone, i will start feeding him again the same food and see his reaction to make sure it's food allergy.


  1. You know, my little girl seems to get a rash from her cheek touching the seat, from heat, almost from anything. I think she is just has sensitive skin. I think if it goes away and comes back, it is more than a food allergy, but I am not a dr. by ANY means

  2. It might be from where he is sleeping... it they are red dots, maybe something is biting or irritating his skin... If its a food allergy, it will appear though out his body i think.. When my son got an allergy, all of his body was full of rashes and it erupted in just a short span of time.. You should consult the doctor right away..

    By the way, I am now following your blog.. Looking forward for your footprints..


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