Friday, September 25, 2009

Never stop crawling anymore ;-)

Lately, Timmy becomes very active since he knows how to crawl forward and stand up (need support). Whenever he is awake, he will start crawling everywhere that he thinks he has the support to stand up. We really have to keep an eye on him. We are thinking to buy the carpet (those foam puzzles for kids), so that Timmy can crawl on the floor without hurting himself and explore more things.

Well...when he is so active, he never wants to stay quiet to be fed the solid food. :-( I always have to think of so many ideas to make him stop crawling and open his mouth. Singing to him, making different strange sounds and expressions, this might stop him and makes him curious, smiling or laughing. But this still can't stop his curiosity to explore more things, i need more ideas to make him finish the food. *LOL*

Turning on the music is also a good choice to hold him back from crawling around. Just now i turned on the Christmas baby music for him. It's so fun to see his reactions. He starts looking around and wants to find the source where the music is coming from.
I think he did not know it's from the laptop ;-) During this time, he was quiet and it's time for me to continue feeding ;-) , surprisingly, he finished the rice cereal XD. That's great because he seldom finished the rice cereal. I will see next time if this works again or not.


  1. What a father.. I do feel the same thing everytime with my 2.9-year-old daughter. It's great to have a kid and to be a dad, isn't it? Welcome to this world...
    Hi my name is Edwin, from Indonesia. Glad to know you. I'll be glad too if you can visit my personal blog. Though it's written in Indonesian, I hope you can avail the translation tool..

  2. expect him to be more energetic in the coming months =)

    anyway, the contest in now on the run lol.. thanks for sponsoring


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