Friday, September 18, 2009

Part 1: Introducing solid food for Timmy in the last week

Finally, i have finished my mid-term exam. And now i have the "mood" to update the milestones of Timmy ;-) I was just too stressed during the exam week. But now i am relaxed and feeling good.

In the past few days, i have introduced Timmy apple. And just like what i thought, he loved it XD. What i did was, steaming the apple for 10 minutes until tender. Then i mashed the steamed apple by spoon. I have made the apple in different ways, and i found out Timmy loves the steamed apple most. After tasting it, i personally felt that way too ;-)

When i was not at home, my husband fed him the organic rice cereal. For the first time, Timmy did not really like it but soon he realised that he would not get any milk from mommy, then he started eating the rice cereal. But of course it was such a "huge" battle between my hubby and him ;-) When i was back home, i was so "schock" to see Timmy's face full of the rice cereal.

So far, the solid food has been introduced to Timmy are as follow:
1. banana
2. sweet potato
3. rice cereal
4. apple

By looking at these list, i think i have introduced too much sweet food to Timmy, perhaps i should introduce some vegetables to him next week on.

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