Sunday, September 6, 2009

Milestone of Timmy at 6 months

This is one of my favourite photos of him :-)

Timmy is about 6 months and 2 weeks old. At this stage, he can already turn towards sounds and voices. Therefore, he gets distracted easily during the feeding time. He only will continue drinking the milk without any "interruption".

Besides, he can roll over in both directions very well. Because of this, we always have to take care to make sure he will not fall from the bed again! Although we have a playpen for him, we seldom put him inside. As the playpen is just too small for him. He needs much more space to roll over and move around.

Timmy also can sit without support around some weeks ago, when he was after 5-month-old. From this onwards, Timmy likes to play his toys with sitting position. And now, he even can pass objects from hand to hand. It's really amazing for us to see these developments from him. Sometimes, we put few toys around him and wonder what he will do with these toys. He at first observes the toys and eventually he will drag those objects toward him. He does not need to ask for our help most of the time, he now can try his best to reach the objects that he wants. :-) Or, if you show him the toys in front of him when he is lying down on his back, then he will raise his both hands and want to grab the toys. ;-)

Recently, he starts pushing up his body and try to move with the crawling position. He cannot really crawl yet. But he moves himself backward when the body is up from the "floor". I think he is a backward crawler? And i supposed this is the beginning of crawling :-)

The most interesting development for me is he can now interact with us. When he is in "good mood", he looks at you, making some murmuring sound and trying to "talk" to us ;-) He will just bable and smile all the time.

From his developments, we believe Timmy is ready for solid food at this stage. I have been breastfeeding him for six months and started to give the solid food for him to taste a week ago. So far, he is good with banana and he loves it! These Thursday and Friday, we introduced him the processed organic green peas for him (my parents bought for him), and today-Saturday, his stool was hard and there were only two little ball!!! I cannot believe Timmy has constipation, he has never had the stool like that. We stopped giving him today. We will stop giving him the solid food until he has no more constipation. :-(

If i am not wrong, because of teething, Timmy always mouths objects nowadays. He puts whatever into his mouth from his hands. It's very cute for us!! He is curious at everything, and in the end, he wants to "eat" them! XD However, i think he also wants to ease his pain because of teething.

I look forward to more developments of him :-D It's a very interesting journey in our life.


  1. wow way to go... tim is such cute baby, i remember my dolly when she was 6 months.. so behave but now she moves around the house.. Anyway, its just the right time to introduce him to solid foods. Puree fruits and veggies for start is just fine. Banana is easier to puree and babies love it.

    Anyway, you may visit my other page, i have lots of babyfood photos, it might help you get ideas on how to make healthy and easy baby foods. Anzu's Mini Blog


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