Friday, June 5, 2009

A short review of the Adgitize Network

Update: New Screenshot!

Now it's 14 days since i joined the Advertising Network of Adgitize (I'm member of Adgitize since early April but only as Publisher in that time).

What are the main points of joining as Advertiser? What has changed since 31st of May?

  1. I got a lot more traffic than i had imagined before i choose to advertise. For these 14 days it has been between 72 and 118 more visitors daily.

  2. There are a lot of new visitors which i would have never get in contact.

  3. I got new comments and followers for my blog.

  4. Most of the Adgitize visitors are also members of Entrecard. They drop their card, too. So the new traffic is visible for me and i can do them a favor and drop my card on them, too!

  5. The earning situation has improved very well. In these few days i earned already over 7.67 $, without Advertising (for 14 $ a month, less than 0,50 $ per day) it would have been just 2 to 3 $ + the drops from Entrecard members (which give me also 1 EC).
I'm very happy with this development and want to thank all new visitor for reading our blog, leaving comments and dropping their cards.

We found so many new blogs in the last days just from the new Adgitize visitors with a very big variety of topics. This is what makes it a whole new experience!!

For the members of Entrecard who want to advertise on our blog:

It's a very good opportunity because we don't accept paid ads (full exposure for 24 hours!) and we get now 400% to 600% more visitors than before (like you see on the picture above).
The click rate was between 16 and 30 clicks in these days!


  1. Yes you are right Adgitize is a great service and one that I am proud to be a part of. I just joined advertising last month and love it. It hase given me plenty of new readers and a lot more traffic. take care

    -Izzy from LoaTW

  2. I have a EC/AD droplist of blogs that have both EC and AD. It doesn't (currently) inlclude any blogspot blogs, as China is blocking those, but I've recently found a way around that, so I'll be adding more soon.

    it's at:

  3. I agree with you completely! Being an Advertiser at Adgitize is really worth it. You get a lot more visitors for your blog, you get to discover a whole lot of other blogs out there, you get to make new friends, and all that while earning. I have been a member of Adgitize since December last year (I think) and I have been an Advertiser for 3 months now and have been paid twice (more than the minimum) and looking forward to this month's payout too. :) Adgitize rocks!

  4. I was a former Adgitize advertiser until my scrap kits ate up all my paypal balance (hehe - i bought too many). I enjoyed being with Adgitize and I will soon buy another ad space :)

    thanks for the visit to my blog and hope to see you on my next month's top dropper :)

  5. Oh hope I earn enough from them that I can buy off as an advertiser as well!


  6. hi.i'm contemplating on being an advertiser at adgitize.i'm currently a publisher but i'm not getting near $10 yet after 3 think it'll be much different if i become an advertiser?need your honest opinion.thanks a lot.

  7. I love Adgitize too. I also just joined the advertising part last Month and it is great adgitizing every day as I get to stop and comment on nice blogs like this one. It's ebeggingonline here, you visit my blog too.

  8. congratulations on your ongoing adgitize success =] being an advertiser is really worth the investment- more traffic, quality stoppers-by, and the bonus of more EC credits which can be cashed out to pay for adgitize ads =]


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