Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby development: From zero to two months

Now we reached already the fourth month since our baby Timmy was born in February. It was a time with ups and down in these last four months.

Beginning with the first day and the discovered food intolerance. They had to clean the lung and his stomach because he suddenly began choking and nearly couldn't breath anymore. In this night he had to be transferred to the well-equipped General Hospital in Johor Bahru in a oxygen tent. It was a really scary trip for me in the emergency car as i didn't know how severe this situation was.

He had to stay in that hospital for two weeks. While staying there he used to get many injections because they had to feed him in the first week additional with the common Glucose-Mixture. One day we visited him and then we saw that they put the injection needle on the top of his head. They said there was no more place available on the arms and legs, so they had to find another obvious available vein.

For luck he could drink daily more and more of mommies breast milk, so that they could stop using the outside feeding method.

After this two weeks they allowed us to take him home - how happy we have been when they told us this news!

During the month of march it was mostly a time of sleeping and eating and on some days a longer crying period (especially at night when you usually want to sleep *lol*). It was also a time when we had to learn to control our own sleep rhythm, so that we wouldn't be that tired when he woke up one or two times during the night. But this is one of the most difficult parts of being fresh parents i guess. We also suffered from sleep deprivation and it lasts until now. Hopefully we look into the future and we believe as the next weeks will pass, he will develop a more regular sleeping pattern. At the moment it seems like he sleeps very long in the afternoon and then is awake from 5 am until 7 or 8 am.

Part two with the development from two to four month is following tomorrow.

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