Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby development: From two to four months

In part two of the baby development we look at the month two until four.

The exciting times began in April as we could see that he began developing his senses. First we recognized that he can see now things more clearly as he followed for example a little toy when we moved it from right to left within a distance of 10 to 15 centimeters. In the last week of April he started with smiling, at first only occasionally, in the following weeks frequently (this was after the nurse asked us if he could already smile ;-) ).

From April on there was also the development of stronger neck muscles visible. He tried to lift up his head from time to time. In the first weeks it was just a few centimeters and the moving of the head from one side to the other side.
From May on he began using his arms to lift up the upper body and from that time on he started to creep around in our bed.

The smiling began to develop now more rapidly and it was not only during the sleeping times that he made the smiles. If you looked at him or if you just said specific words (when he was in the play mood), he started to smile for some seconds. With the beginning of June there was another sound available, not only the different "talking and babbling" sounds like grg, angu, wau and so on. No, now he started to laugh!

In the last week he suddenly turned over which means he rolled from lying on the tummy to lying on the back. Usually when he turns to the back, he will start crying because in this position he can't move that much like in the tummy position.
But as soon as he learned to roll over, he develop the backward crawling. He uses his legs and then he pushes himself back and back again.

In August we will present you the third part of his development from four to six months. We expect that he can sit then or even begin to crawl by using his legs.

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