Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EntreCard Top Dropper May 2009

Top droppers on Entrecard for May 2009

The first five Top Droppers will get 100 ECs transferred in the coming days.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by on our baby-blog and also for everyone who commented in the last month. Hope to see you again. We will drop back as often as possible!

And don't forget, the more often you drop by, the higher the chances to win some ECs as new Top Dropper for June 2009!

20 drops - 100 EC

The Matthias Chronicles

I believe every topic is debatable in a civil manner no matter how extreme the topic is. I don't believe in racism at all and racist elements of our society only server to keep us back. Without debating the hard issues openly, we don't progress. As a society, we must progress in a positive direction in order to survive. That often means pulling out heads out of the sand and facing reality, something many Americans, along with other nationalities, often try to avoid.

19 drops - 100 EC T-Shirts

All the latest on the best t-shirts on the planet. Reviews, news, bargains galore. Latest from independent graphic t-shirt designers! Not accepting paid ads.

15 drops - 100 EC

A lil Enchanted

I blog about being a homeschooling, bargain hunting, thrifty, pagan Mom.

14 drops - 100 EC

Traveling Suitcase

Places to explore, things to see and do while traveling and on vacation.

2 times: 13 drops - 100 EC

MamaFlo's Place

Starting with my quit and running through retirement, this is my life.

Cornymans Money-Blog, everything about financial independence

All you want to know about being financial independent... Saving, investing, earning money worldwide opportunities for your personal finances!

12 drops

Art By Paul Baines

Blog for emerging UK art star Paul Baines. Limited edition large scale iconic, humorous, controversial prints available. Check out this outrageous arts blog.

Three times: 11 drops

Gems by Jerri

This is my blog about my crafting and my online shops on Etsy and Art Fire. I also include feature articles on other artist. This blog is still evovling and will hopefully continue to do so always.

Living and Writing in China

Living in China is an eye opening experience. I've been here for seven years!
Please note! China has blocked blogs, so I'm unable to return drops on any of those blogs. Many apologies. I'm working on a new drop list with blogs that I can access.


I’ll make this one as a general blog which will contain almost every good thing in life, about life, businesses, health, travel, parenting, baby, tips for new bloggers, and many other good top tips.

Less than 11 drops

I am Harriet

I am inspired by people who make a difference in the world or in the lives of others because it is the right thing to do.

Rambling Thoughts in SMK Serian

My rambling thoughts and personal musings in a school where I learn and teach.

Life, In My Own Backyard

My personal diary and musings


Join mommy blogger Julie Maloney in her quest to remain cool in the eyes of her children. Talk politics, football, video games and read the latest reviews. It's just one mom's perspective on life.


BloggerHitz is a $$$ making blog. Find out tips on how to make money, ways to boost your blog traffic, blogging tricks & tutorials and more. It's all available at BloggerHitz. There are also 50 awesome free templates waiting for you to DOWNLOAD.

Metallman's Reverie

What are you views on life? What are you thoughts on random nothingness. Add some humor, games, reviews, movies, and everything else, and you have my blog.

At Home with Auntie E

various notes on Life experiences

Wii Mommies

Join the Wii Mommies website and forum to help encourage and support people just like you who are trying to get fit using the Wii workout games system for the Nintendo Wii.


Information on Kids, money saving tips and household tips

Fort Thompson

A very funny journal of our journey as we seek God's will for our lives. We are soldiers in Christ's Army. We are Fort Thompson.

Ruth's Creations

This is my blog where I write, among other things, about my online business selling crocheted items I make. Part of my sales are donated to Demelza House Children's Hospice, the favored charity of British actor Daniel Radcliffe.

Biz Boink

Bloggers. Entrepreneurs. Freelancers. Publishers.

Bible Examples

Practical lessons based on Bible examples.

Sexy Old Broad

An irreverent blog full of information about relationships, sexuality, flirting and intimacy.

Seek No More

Seek No More is an online community whose main purpose is to provide a place where both experts and newbies can learn, interact and discuss business, career and entrepreneurial opportunities.


  1. Wow that was very nice of you to reward your top droppers. And thanks for introducing so many cool blogs and describing them. All the best to you and your family :)

  2. Thanks so much for the link and the credits, both are very much appreciated. Seems I behind in visiting and commenting...need more time in the day.

    The wkend is coming, hope your's is nice.


  3. Cool. Wish I could make it this month in your top droppers :)

  4. @ Ailurophile:

    I want to do my fellow droppers a big favor, so that some other visitors of my blog gets more interested in their blogs, too. :)

    Have a good time dropping and commenting!

  5. @ sandy:

    The ECs will be transferred today to you and the other four winners. I guess most of the persons only dropped back when we dropped by but we couldn't drop during the 2 weeks while we moved to our new apartment :-(

    Have a good time and keep on dropping & commenting!

  6. @ mara:

    We guess you can make it, just need a little bit luck and drop daily on our blog. And in the future some ECs will be transferred in your account, too ;-)


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