Monday, June 15, 2009

My first time: I love digital scrapping!!

I guess many mommies do the book/digital scrapping. I am a newbie and i totally fall in love with digital scrapping now :-)

Luckily my hubby -cornyman- bought a new laptop which has the Photoshop Elements (my own laptop can be considered an antique, which does not have these kind of programmes). So, i started to edit some photos but i found it difficult for me until i have found the Shabby Princess. It is such a wonderful page, i learned the digital scrapping by Photoshop Elements from Shabby Princess tutorials. It is easy, understandable and absolutely for a newbie like me :-)

I attempted the digital scrapping for my very first time, and i really really love it. I guess i will be addicted to it ;-) I designed the page by using the FREE kits from Shabby Princess. You can download the wonderful FREE kits from here. Hope you enjoy scrapping :-)

Here are the pages that i made ;-) What do you think about my first one?

Timmy hand in hand with Oma (Grandma) As we have said, Timmy's grandma (Oma) visited us from Germany. On that day, my father drove us back to Kuala Lumpur. Timmy was always together with Oma. From this page, we know how much fun they had together :-)

Dinner at japanese restaurant with OmaThis is my second attempt, i just finished it. The pictures were taken on 26/5/09. We had our dinner at a Japanese Restaurant. Timmy was tired before the dinner, he fall into sleep during the walk to the shopping mall. But he was awake during the time when we had our meal. Luckily i nearly finished my dinner so that i could play with him ;-)

Can you see the music toy (elephant) in the picture?

It is a present for Timmy from Oma's best girlfriend. Danke!! Timmy loves the elephant and the melody "LaLeLu" :-)

I will try to make some more in the coming days. I am sure it will become my hobby :-)

Have a nice day .


  1. Beautiful pages! Welcome to the addictive world of digiscrapping! :)

  2. I think those pics look awesome. I have seen scrap booking around on Mum's blogs but never quite knew how they did it. I would love to have a go too. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. wow...these pages are so lovely. i'm into scrapping too and now i dabble both in paper and digi and planning on doing hybrid.

    love to see more of your LOs!


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