Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We are moving back....Pls stay with us!!!!!

Dear friends,

Today, we are going back to KL where the place my wife studies. We will be moving in a new apartment this afternoon and probably there is no internet broadband available. One week later, my mom and brother will visit Malaysia for around 1 week.

Therefore, we might not able to online for around 2 weeks, sooooo.......pls don't leave us and continue visitting our blog, we promise to drop back when we are back or when we can access to the internet. We thank you here in advance. :-)

The rewards for top 5 droppers in May will get 100EC from us.

We will be back soon......


  1. Good luck with the move and settling in. I know what that feels like! I have done it at least 40 times in my 43 years life span rofl.

  2. @ Jenai:

    Oh yeah, it was troublesome especially the broker couldn't promise us that we will get the house fully furnished within two weeks. But in the end everything worked out well!

    We're happy now that the searching is over!


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