Monday, May 4, 2009

Bottle feeding and stored breast milk

In the last days we could store more and more of the breast milk. In some of the forums we read that other moms store the milk not only in the fridge (usually for 24 to 48 hours, afterwards you should throw away the milk) but also in the freezer(up to 3 months).

Some moms said after they thawed the milk from the freezer that the babies didn't like the taste of this stored frozen milk anymore.

At the moment we have difficulties to give Timmy the stored breast milk which was longer than 20 hours in the fridge. When we bottle feed him with this milk, he just drinks 50 ml and afterwards he starts crying. Then it takes time until he drinks again 10 ml and so on.

Usually he drinks over 100 ml for each bottle feeding session.

Which difficulties did you have with breast/bottle feeding or stored breast milk?
What can i do now?

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  1. Bacteria grows in milk rather quickly, which is I believe the reason most don't store for any period of time. I bottle fed my daughter, I worked full time plus and so many of my friends had such troubles with nursing that I choice not to do that. Even with formula we made it fresh everyday and through out any not used. I seem to also remember a warning about not letting a bottle sit more than say 15 minutes and trying to use it again. I'm old enough though that this was when we sterilized everything; which I don't think young moms hardly do at all now.

    The trouble I remember my friends who did nurse was that the baby often was still hungry; which can be because your milk isn't rich enough; which relates to your diet I believe. Quite a few of my these ladies ended up supplementing with bottles; then ultimately switched completed. Others though have no problems. It's all so individual.

    How are you cleaning the bottles that you use to put the breast milk in? Perhaps some alteration there could make a difference for you?


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