Thursday, May 7, 2009

Entrecard: Lists of NO PAID AD members

Say No To Paid Ads at Entrecard

Many of the Entrecard members have problems with the new paid system. Sometimes it's difficult to find out immediately if someone accept paid ads on their Entrecard widget or not.

There is one way how you can see if paid ads are accepted:
  1. Put your mouse over the ad and then the link will appear on the bottom left side of your Internet browser.

  2. The important part of this link is the last word. If it is "paid", it means a paid ad shows up at the moment. If it is "Entrecard", it means the Entrecard paid ad shows up now.

  3. If "Entrecard" shows up, you have to verify if it's a pure Entrecard paid blog or not. Therefore refresh the page with the "F5"-key. If you can see then a different ad, it will be a PAID AD-Entrecard.
  4. In this case you don't get 100% exposure for your EC-paid money!
  5. Therefore some members have posted lists where you can find NO PAID AD-Members for dropping your cards and for advertising with 100% airtime

Here are some of the other Entrecard members who made NO PAID AD Lists

    Inspire Political Discourse NO PAID AD List - Sorted by categories
    For signing up to this list, follow this link

    Donnas World: Entrecard Bloggers NOT accepting paid ads

    Buy-Tees.Net: Say NO to Entrecard Paid Ads
    There you can get the same button which i show above my Entrecard or in this post! Blogs that don't accept Paid Entrecard-ad

    MamaFlo's Place also offers a No Paid Ads List which is growing daily :-)

    Nearly at the bottom of the page LadyBanana presents her list of NO Entrecard PAID Ad-Members. Just contact her (at the Entrecard, Mail-Picture) and she will add your blog, too!

    These are my member lists which i found in the last weeks.
    Feel free to comment if you know other member lists as well or if you have one on your website which isn't mentioned here!


  1. Thank you for the link love!
    I feel I'm getting a better bang for my dropping time.

  2. My blog won't be listed on any of those lists because I do accept paid ads.

    Are you dropping on sites that accept paid ads? If "no-paid" sites are being compiled in a "list", then one must assume that it would be a drop list also.

    It is so way past time to get over the "paid" and "no-paid" thing.

  3. Hi - thanks for mentioning the "say No" Badge - I thought I should point out that Blogger states that no longer exists? Thanks Paul

  4. @mamaflo:

    You are welcome.You give everyone on your list link love. So it's only fair to give other members the opportunity to get on your list which is one of the biggest at the moment!

  5. @JT:

    It's controversial debate what's wrong with paid ads and what's not. I just had some strange paid ad offers in the beginning on this blog. They did not match with Family or a baby blog. And when you can't approve the ad within one day then it will be shown.This was one of the reasons that i didn't accept it on this blog.

    On Cornymans Moneypage i accept paid ads because there it's not so important. I want also one option to get a cash out in the future ;-)

    Yes, i think some persons use these lists as drop list because i see each day some members dropping by directly from mamaflo's blog.

  6. @Graffiti:

    Thanks for the hint!

    I guess he gave up because i told him that there are already huge lists in the blogosphere for the non-paid ad members. And i saw him commenting on the WAHM-Cafe-Blog for some of the members to join his list. His blog post on his main blog about this new blog was also no more available today.

    I delete the link from my post!

  7. I don't like accepting Paid Ads too, but it's weird cos even though I set my settings specifically to manually accept ads, I still find them under the approved.


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