Monday, May 4, 2009

How to teach your baby reading and math (part 1)

Do you know that you can teach newborn baby everything from birth on?

Do you know that some babies can read and make maths calculations already with 12 months? No?
We will show you how these kids have learned these skills within their first year of life!

Do you know that your baby can only see high-contrast colours?

According to the studies, the visual system is the least mature system at birth, therefore the newborn baby is not able to perceive the bright colours. Hence, black and white colours can easily attract baby and this will enhance the growth of the vision system.

Studies show that high contrast graphics can
  • help increase concentration skills
  • stimulate the creation of synapses (brain cell connections)
  • increase an infant's attention span
  • calm a baby (when she is bored)
  • enhance curiosity
It is believed that showing black and white flashcards and toys to the newborn baby from birth on, the baby can response to mother's smiles faster as it stimulates the vision system. Black and white colours are effective to baby from birth to six months.

Few days before, we bought Timmy a set of black and white flash cards which contains 60 cards and double sided with 120 images. Its size is 31.4cm X 23.3cm, baby prefers to see big images or letters. So far, Timmy shows his interests on the flash cards. We showed him just now during the nappies time, he even smiled at the images! :-) We think this is also a bonding time together with Timmy, we enjoy these precious moments!

Why did we choose black and white flashcards?

Black and White Math Dot Flashcard - Number 6When Timmy was about 7-week-old, we DIY (Do It Yourself) the black math dots cards from number 1 to 7. We showed Timmy faithfully every day, we found that Timmy was able to focus on the flash cards. One week later, he started to smile at us and respond to us every day until now. Before this, we only could get the smile from Timmy while he was falling asleep. But now we can "chit-chat" with Timmy every day and of course he shows us his angel smiles most of time! :-)

There are many websites available for parents to print out the flash cards, you can DIY! If you are interested, you might want to check out this website Brillkids, you can even join their forum to share your views and experiences.

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