Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to teach babies reading and math (Part 2)

Black and White Math Dot Flashcard - Number 6
We show our baby boy Tim now already since four weeks the DIY (Do It Yourself) Black and White Dot-Flashcards which show the numbers as dots. In this time he enjoyed watching the Flashcards each day more and more.

Since the weekend we recognized that we can calm down him when he is crying. We just have to show him one of the Black and White Dot Flashcards and he will start looking at them. Usually it is followed by a smile from him. That's one of the signs that he i willing to learn.

We try to make a short video the next time about the way we teach him to recognize the shapes. And you will see how he will learn the first steps to learn math.

I guess this will be in the next hours, so that we can publish the video or some pictures tomorrow.

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