Sunday, November 22, 2009

Visiting our relatives

Hello visitors and readers of All about babies and kids,

like you may know already we are already in holidays (join our Holiday-Contest to win prizes worth over 200$ + 25.000+ EC, good luck).

We are visiting the relatives in Penang and Kedah in Malaysia. It's our first visit together with our baby boy Timmy!!

My grandma and my aunties are longing to see Timmy since we've mailed them the pictures of our cute Timmy XD. Well, i do hope they don't focus too much on the Timmy's hands and nine fingers. I know they'll do and give us several advises :( But what ever, I don't know how they will react when they see him the first time as they don't know yet, how it really looks like.

I look forward visiting them and i hope there won't be too much critics on me as mother. You have to know, Chinese are sometimes very superstitious, especially in cases when your kid isn't developed "normal".
They might blame me on causing this appearance to Timmy, for example by using a scissor and cutting things during pregnancy (as if this would cut his finger in womb??) *LOL*
Frankly, i do hate to hear these kind of talking! But i know, it will happen... again like on the first day of his birth :( ARGH!!

However, i think it will still be a happy journey because nevertheless Timmy is really cute and yeah... clever ... XD

Ok, hopefully we can update the blog if there is an internet connection in my grandma's house.


  1. Hope your trip goes well. When you write about superstitions, it reminds me of the way people thought in Sweden just a few generations ago, You don't have to go to China to meet people with strange ideas about why things happen.
    But that is no comfort to you if you find yourself in a situation where you must listen to comments from relatives. Do the best you can, that's all you can do. You have a lovely son! He looks cute and intelligent. It'll work out if he feels that he is loved by you. And that, he obviously is.


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