Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gymboree Play & Learn Review (Tropicana)

Today i would like to make a review about the Gymboree trial class that we sent Timmy to. It's already about a month ago, but i could not find a time to make the review.

We were disappointed when we were told Timmy was the only baby in this level (Play and learn - Level II, 6 - 10 month young babies). One of our purpose was hoping that Timmy could interact with other babies. Well...the advantage of being the only baby in this class is that the teacher would pay more attention on Timmy ;-)

Basically, Timmy enjoyed the activities, he showed his curiosity all the time. And frankly, he was doing very well. The teacher said so, too :-) In my eyes, some of the activities seems difficult for Timmy to complete, but i was surprised that he could actually complete them (except one, crawling down a slide) for his first time!

The activities are finished within 45 minutes, it's really a rush!!! Once Timmy had completed one, he were asked to complete another activity immediately! It's always rushing here and there (can't imagine what it will be like in the other groups with several kids). Tired for us too ;-) haha...... From my observation, i believe Timmy wanted more time for himself to explore all the used equipments.

Basically, we were quite ok with the class since Timmy enjoyed the activities and interacted well with the teacher.

I hope there will be some more babies signing up for this class. I really hope Timmy can make some new friends soon ;-)

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