Friday, November 20, 2009

Baby milestone : 7 & 8 months

When Timmy was 7-month-old, he could stand while holding on something, and now, he likes to stand up but he still needs to hold something to support himself up ;-) He also started cruising, his physical development amazed us!

He also liked to play pee-ka-poo with us, he always smiled or laughed happily when we played this games together. Oh ya, he also would give you five if you would play the game of "give me five"...haha......he is really such an adorable baby!!!

So far, Timmy does not experience stranger anxiety. What he does is always observe first, and then he will give the strangers his sweet smile if they play with him.

For the age of 8 months, Timmy already started showing us his wants by crying!! If we take away his "toy", then he will cry or perhaps he is complaining about we interrupt him...hahaa.... Ok, sometimes we made this purposely, just only wanted to see his cute reaction XD.

We look forward to hear "mama" or "papa" from him, so far, i only can hear "mama" from him when he is crying...but my hubby said i think too much....XD...... However, at this age, he does very well during our flash card session. He always shows me the correct answers....hehe...i know i should not test him...but there is always temptation to test :-(

Oh ya, he also tries to pick up my hair which i dropped on the bed with thumb-finger pincer grasp. However, he still needs a lot of practices.

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  1. sounds like the baby is perfectly healthy...

    dropping EC.


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