Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our journey

Luckily, there is internet connection at my grandma's house, so that we can update our blogs during our trip.

Well...this is not really a happy journey for me as i do not like the way my mother treated me in front of people as a mother. However, i do not want to talk much or argue anything as they are not a breastfeeding supporter. But, what i do not understand is why my mom always wants to make me feel bad in front of others! This made me sad and angry.......well..perhaps i should really get used to it as she was already like this when i was small. But, i am still upset :-(

Fortunately, my grandmas are not like her. They are more on my side :-) I am happy to see them and hopefully one of my grandma will be staying together with my family in JB from next year on :-)

Timmy was happy to see his grate grandmas too ;-) Here is a photo together with one of my grandma :-)

We will keep updating our blogs if the time is allowed ;-)


  1. Hi dropped an EC to your blog. I am sorry about the way your mother treats your. I hope one day she realizes what she is doing.

  2. Timmy's great grandmother looks like a kind and loving woman! Sorry to hear that your mother is not kind to you. Sounds like a person who is unsure of herself.
    Best wishes

  3. I appreciate your candor. I am not so good at always saying what is on my mind. But, my MIL reads my blog!


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