Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome back Adgitize members!

Today is the second day of our new Adgitize ad campaign and we want to give you again a warm welcome after we decided last month to let the Adgitize ad run on Cornyman's Money-Blog.
On the Money-Blog you can find until End of December 2009, weekly the earnings in Adgitize as the new earning predictions from October should take place these days!

The last four days we see an incredible increase in clicks from our Adgitize ads to our blogs, from the usual 65 -85, the
visits went up and are now between 90 and 123!

A result of
less advertisers in the system (just 151 instead of the previous 216 by end of October) it means the ad price of 24$ for 31 days is now a very good investment as you could achieve again between 2.000 - 3.600 clicks/monthly.

The rest of the analysis can be read on Cornyman's Money-Blog, if you are interested in getting such a big amount of traffic daily, weekly and monthly from Adgitize!


  1. I visit your blog through Adgitize. I'm glad to see we will be earning a bit more money. November was a bit lower than expected but I'm sticking with it. I'm heading over to read the article on your Money Making blog. Thanks for all the analysis you have done regarding Adgitize too. It is greatly appreciated.

    Mom's Cafe Home Cooking

  2. I haven't advertised on Adgitize since the rate increase, but I'm glad that those of us that have dropped out have helped those that remain. My biggest problem with Adgitize was actually not the price but more finding the time to devote to it. There are only so many networks that I can participate in before I find it impacting the number of posts I can write. Anyway, I'm glad it's working for you.


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