Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby language XD

Timmy started developing his own baby language from 11 Dec 09. The first word he said was " Ada...ada...", haha... does he mean papa?? Ok...i am not sure, seems everything for him is "ada..ada" ;-) We are happy that he has started his baby language....

Besides "ada...ada.." , sure there are some more words...which i could not identify ;-). Timmy's baby language sounds really cute and nice. He always makes us laugh. It's kind of pleasure to hear him talking to himself or to us :-)

I look forward to the day that he can say "mama" and the day that he can express himself.


  1. It is probably da da as any child calling for his daddy and the more you repeat it and point to yourself the more he will understand.

  2. It's nice hearing them talk. My 11 month old daughter babbles a lot. Especially if she's playing on her own and we're not giving her too much attention. Ada maybe means Dada or Daddy. My daughter's version is Dadadada, she tends to repeat her words a lot. Except of course for my favorite word now: Maamee. That's how she pronounce it. :D

  3. well ada ada ...... is dad or daddy ......you can surely take it as timmy's first word.....he learnt dad before mom.....usually its the other way around...good for you......though i'm not married or planning to be soon......but babies pages.....make me reall happy.....



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