Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We are back :-)

Finally we are back ;-) It's always more comfortable to sleep on our own bed :-) And poor Timmy, he had many mosquitoes bites on the last days staying at my grandma's house. Seems like his blood is sweeter *LOL* It's heartbreaking to see he had so many swollen red dots on his face and hands :-(

Somehow, I had a great time together with my grandmas. My grandmas were happy to see Timmy. And especially my grandma from Bukit Mertajam was no more that lonely when we visited her.

Saying goodbye is always difficult. I hope we still can meet each other in January when my brother is back from Australia.

Taking photo together with my beloved grandma ;-)


  1. Oh no poor Timmy, I can see the bite marks Martin! Good to hear u had a wonderful time and welcome home... :)

  2. You all look happy in the photos with your grandma! Welcome back!

  3. So special to have grandparents close by. We didn't have any relatives nearby for our boys. Enjoy these days!


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