Friday, October 16, 2009

"No paracetamol after vaccination for babies!"

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Wow, this is a big news which we just read in BBC Health news online. Here in Malaysia they gave us every time after the vaccines paracetamol to lower the fever. But now it might do more harm than good to give it to babies after the vaccinations!

These are the reasons from a study with 450 babies. Half of them took the paracetamol, half of the group didn't get the paracetamol

  • Even with the pain and fever killer paracetamol 42% of the babies who took the medicine had fever with more than 38 Celsius.

  • 66% of the babies who didn't get the paracetamol had also fever with temperatures higher than 38 Celsius

  • But the babies who got the paracetamol developed a lower level of antibodies towards the given vaccines.
    This means in case they would get infected with some of the viruses in the future their immune system wouldn't be able to fight as fast and quick as possible to prevent the illness from breaking out!
In case you want to read the full story from BBC here is the link to the article 'No post-jab paracetamol' advice.

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  1. Hi. I selectively vaccinate and I've never given paracetamol to my now 3-yr-old daughter. So far, she has never developed a fever after vaccination. In any case, I'm not really afraid of fever. It's a healthy sign that the body is fighting off something. I'll only be really worried about an exceedingly high temp. Otherwise, I usually just let it run its course. :)

  2. wow! thanks for sharing this. I gave paracetamol to my son when he had the 5in1 vaccine, (the pediatrician advice as to do so). Now, I think I have to research more to know the latest news and findings because most Doctors based their prescription on the studied done long ago.

  3. We used to give our son a paracetamol too but because of the recall I think doctors are more apprehensive in giving advise to do so. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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  4. my daughter just had her measles vaccine last month and we were advised to give paracetamol if she develops a fever. good thing a didn't!

  5. My mom told me that she made it a point to complete all the vaccines that I need when I was a baby.

    But this report from BBC just got me intrigued so I shared this to my followers in my twitter account.

    Have a great day!

    twitter: callcentergal


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