Thursday, October 8, 2009

Avoid cracked nipple while breastfeeding

Nursing mothers will always get the cracked nipple while breastfeeding. I've never had cracked nipples until my son is teething. He likes to bite me when he is a little satisfied after drinking the milk. It's pain, for sure. And i have never thought i will get the cracked nipple! However, i do not stop breastfeeding. I still keep nursing my son even though i feel pain.

Actually we can avoid cracked nipple while breastfeeding, here are the useful tips for nursing mothers.

  1. Do not pull out your nipple from your baby's mouth after breastfeeding. When you do this for few times, the skin of your nipple will be broken. What you do is, gently put your finger into your baby's mouth and take out the nipple.

  2. If your baby bite your nipple during feeding, it will make the cracked nipple worse. Remember, do not shout and pull out your nipple immediately, this will make him bite harder! Instead of pushing him away, press his head close to your breast, he will open his mouth because he will feel uncomfortable.

  3. After breastfeeding, rub a bit breast milk on your nipple and areola, and let it air dry. The breast milk can help heal the cracked and sore nipple. Remember, do it every time after nursing.

If you follow these every time, normally you won't get the cracked nipple. However, if you really have cracked nipple and you cannot stand the pain, you can stop breastfeeding for one day, express out the breast milk and bottle feed your baby.


  1. Great article on breastfeeding. I breastfed all of my children; and my youngest sister is breastfeeding her newborn. Edna

  2. Hi, Edna.'s glad to hear that you breastfeed all of your children. I believe the breast milk is the best for baby and will continue to do so until my baby wants to stop.

    Have a nice day! :-)


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