Friday, October 9, 2009

Glenn Doman: How to teach your baby books

Today, we have received Glenn Doman's books from Kinokuniya. We bought the books from Kinokuniya online because i could not find them in the bookstore which is nearby our apartment.

These are the books that we get today:

How to teach your baby Math
How to teach your baby to read
How to teach your baby encyclopedic knowledge

Actually i have the e-books in Chinese version, but like that my husband cannot read the e-books, so that we decided to buy the English version. It's difficult to find the books from bookstore, luckily we found the books from Kinokuniya. And for luck, they have the online shopping and delivery service (they use GDEX). Online shopping is just so great!! ;-)

I recommend for those parents who wants to teach their babies as early as possible, it's a good choice adopting Glenn Doman's teaching method. Another similar teaching method is from
Shichida, he is from Japan.

Some of the parents here send their babies to Shichida learning centre, most of the parents who do the home practice as well with their babies said they see the improvements in their babies' development. However, the fees is very expensive. If i am not wrong, it costs RM 1,200 per semester, and also you have to buy the teaching materials, and it costs you extra money.

There is no Glenn Doman's learning centre in Malaysia. But it does not a matter for us if we want to adopt his method. His books explain every thing that you want to know and teach you how to start. It's encouraged to read his books and keep his books because whenever you have encountered any problems during the learning lesson, then you can refer to his books.

If anyone who wants to have the e-books in Chinese version, just leave me a message, i can send it to you. Or i will try to upload to somewhere that you can download from.

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