Monday, July 6, 2009

MM: Annett Louisan - Das Spiel (The Game)

This time i choose a song from my country, Germany. It's from Annett Louisan.This song - Das Spiel (The Game) was her big breakthrough in the German Top Charts.
Afterwards she made a lot of new interesting songs but they never beat this one (like you also could see in YouTube, over 1.200.000 times watched).

I guess, some guys will love to see this video because she has to look very SEXY for this song in this vidoe!!


  1. nice song though i dont understand but the sounds are nice, soft and tender voice...really suits for babys going to sleep

  2. I didn't understand a single word she sang but that's okay because she has a soft, beautiful voice. I'm surprised she never had any other big hits. Is she still making albums today? Thanks for the video!

    Friends 4 Life!


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