Saturday, July 11, 2009

Adgitize - We got paid and traffic!

Adgitize your blog, get traffic and earn money
Two days ago we got paid from Adgitize. It has been 24,87$, deducting the 14$ for the 31 day advertising it's still left nearly 11 $. For the period of the advertising we earned around 21 $. (Payment proof can be found on Cornymans Moneypage).
I have to mention that this was possible with the help of our four blogs (view my profile) and the Entrecard traffic. I wrote a guide about How to maximize earnings in Adgitize. I guess it's useful for everyone who want to achieve more than 400 points daily!

Update 22/07/2009: Already earned more than 14$ for the last 21 days... the ad is already paid... The money for the next 10 days is extra income (around 60 to 77 cents each day!)

In terms of traffic it's really amazing. We got around 3.000 visitors in these 31 days and when i look at the actual statistic then we got since 31st of May until now (10.07.2009) over 3.700 visitors from Adgitize.

In the last 8 days we earned already over 5 Dollars and today it should be around 6$.

All you have to do for earning this money
  1. click on the ads of the Adgitize members (100 blogs if you're not an advertiser, otherwise just 51!)
  2. update your blog by writing one article daily
  3. get some more visitors by advertising/promoting (using Entrecard!)
  4. advertise in Adgitize for 14$/month, less than 50 Cents/day (not necessary, but then you'll reach more than 50 Cents each day!).
Our offers if you consider to be a member of Adgitize:
  • Get 100 ECs for signing up and putting the ad code on your blog(s)
  • Get additional 1.000 EC or 1 $ via Paypal when you start advertising with Adgitize (after approval from Adgitize!)

Adgitize your web site.


  1. I'm glad to hear others are having success with Adgitize. I signed up a couple of weeks ago and I was hoping to earn the $14 to add my blog to the advertisements but so far I've only earned about .16 a day clicking on my 100 and posting to my blog etc. At this rate it will take me several months to earn enough. I guess you have to be a paying advertiser to earn the $14 in one month. Hopefully I can scrape up with enough to be an advertiser soon.

    ~A Lil Enchanted~

  2. This is very encouraging! I've been using Adgitize as a publisher for awhile but the first week of July decided to try advertising my cooking blog as well. I'm quite happy with it so far so may even add another one of my blogs depending on the outcome of this ad campaign. Thanks for a great write-up.

  3. Hi Cornyman,

    I just joined Adgitize and will have to see how much will I earn out of my efforts. :)

    I clicked on your ads by the way. Hope that helps. :) Congrats on your success with Adgitize!



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