Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HELP - Our Apartment is invaded by ANTS!!

The guy there on the left side shares with us since a few days the dining table and our kitchen.

Masses of ANTS walked from one corner of the kitchen to the other corner after we came back from shopping on Sunday evening. We have been really shocked for some minutes. Afterwards we saw them on our dining table while we ate our dinner. At them moment it doesn't seem that they eat sweet things, they just hide in the wood of the Kitchen-furniture and so on. But we guess as soon as they don't have anything to eat, they will take the things that we want to eat :-)

They really like it in our house. After we recognized them, we immediately began to look for things to get rid of them.

The first thing we had in mind was
  • Baking powder (it let the stomach explode after they digest it) - boooom dead!
  • Baby powder - it seems the talc inside, does nothing good to ants - use it carefully because it also can cause cancer!! ( we never use it for our baby!)
  • Cleaning all invaded areas daily - kitchen and living room - lots of work, but ok as long as we can see good results - no more or just less ANTS
Which tips do you have to get rid of ANTS, if possible more natural solution, not the Bugs spray!


  1. Bay leaves. I don't know why but google aby leaf and ants and you'll find all kinds of ideas. We keep them in the pantry and in the back of each cabinet.

  2. Yikes ants!! But I would rather have ants than flies! Ewww...


  3. i am very familiar with that irritating ant problem too! and we can't seem to find the solution. we tried washing the kitchen top surface with vinegar. well, they left for awhile but came back still. maybe the baking soda thing might work.

  4. We too, a quantity of ants in my balcony herbal plants as big as rice. Everytime I water the plant they come out, I don't know how to get rid of it without using any insect spray.

  5. Because we live in Florida, and I hate all bugs, I spend a great deal of time keeping bugs out of my home. We purchased those plug in things that give off some kind of noise we cant hear. But what works the best is baby powder sprinkled just outside all exits, including windows, and a light sprinkle in your cupboards. We have never had the pesky ants again.

  6. I have never tried it but I heard that if you find an ant hill near your home, plants, or a tree and they are invading or killing plants you should put an orange in the blender and then pour it on the ant hill.

  7. Cornmeal is supposed to work. You put it around and they bring it back to their colony and eat it, then they die, end of story.

    I have an ant problem too, I haven't had a chance to see if it works, but I've read on the net that it does.

    I've also tried Boric Acid in powder form, ages ago, it works, but is difficult to find.

    You can't get much safer than cornmeal. Let me know if it works.

  8. Diatomaceous earth. NOT the pool kind, but the garden kind. Mix it with powdered sugar and leave it in areas. The DE is sharp and will pierce the exoskeletons. DE is harmless to mammals, but don't breathe in the dust. Also, DE works whether it's wet or dry.

  9. I didn't know about baking soda and talc, thank you, I know about lavender that keeps bugs away, ( you may add few drops of lavender oil to the floor detergent ). We have some ants, not too much and not aggressive, and we don't bother, obviously keeping the kitchen floor well cleaned, is a must to avoid them.

  10. I remember that there's a chalk like insect repellant that works best with roaches and ants. I just forgot the brand name. Try to check it out and if you do, you can use the chalk and trace the direction where the ants go and sweep the floor the day after, you should see the ants die then. :)


  11. I wish I knew of a natural solution. I get the teeny tiny ones along the baseboards in my kitchen sometimes. If it helps at all, I just say keep everything SUPER clean. I scrub and make sure there isn't the tiniest morsel on the floor that they would be interested in. It seems for now the ants are gone. They are worst for me in the spring.

  12. I gave up on natural solutions - I just wanted them GONE. If you can keep kids out of the area, Terro works awesome (but, oh yeah...it's poisonous...)

  13. Try cleaning the area with vinegar and dish soap…until what they are after is removed, they will continue to come in.

  14. Try a VERY light dusting or boric acid. You shouldn't be able to see the powder on the counters. The acid eats into the exoskeleton and makes it so they can't breath

  15. In a pinch, windex works for immediate execution... for the long term make 'em take it home and explode 'em I use corn meal... takes a few days, but it does the trick without being harmful to anyone else.


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