Thursday, April 16, 2009

Second checkup and 5-in-1 vaccination for Tim

Yesterday we went to the clinic for the second month checkup.

Tim gained around 1 kg weight since last month, his weight is now 4,4 kg. He is now 57,5 cm tall. This is an increase of 5 cm from the last checkup on 18th of March 2009.

Since the birth he gained now 1,4 kg and grew 7,5 cm! Luckily it's all in the normal range.

After the checkup, Tim had to get the vaccination. They use a four-in-one jab including vaccine against Triple Antigen (DPT), Hepatitis B (2nd dose) and orally given Polio Vaccine (Hib 1).

As the vaccine has to be injected into the muscles, the nurse had to inject it "deep" into the upper leg.

That's how Tim looked like during this procedure

Updates about the "side effects" of this Mega-vaccination following in the next hours.

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