Friday, April 24, 2009

Are vaccinations safe or dangerous?

Last week i wrote about the 5-in-1 vaccination for our son Tim.

The reason for this Mega-Vaccination is on the one side that the little babies don't have to go to often to the doctors and get several single injections, on the other side it's a good income for the company who sells this 5-in-1 vaccination because they beat the competitors out of their single injection market.

There are good and bad news for this kind of vaccination. The company who produces this vaccination "forgot" to tell that in their studies severe side effects could appear. They only focused on the argument that it's more efficient for the health care system, babies and parents.

They also mentioned that the virus are now already dead and no more alive like it has been in the past with the oral polio vaccine (Tim got the oral one, so i don't think they gave him the true 5-in-1 vaccination).

More information about the side effects of the Mega-vaccination can be found on the website Vaccination Liberation Information

Tim showed some side effects like longer crying period, fever and tiredness for around two days.

What do you think about vaccinations?

Which kind of vaccinations did you/your kids get?

This is a kind of funny, ironic or sarcastic video about the true ingredients of a flu shot:

Have a laughter on a serious topic ;-)

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