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3-Day-Fever: The 1st severe viral infection for our son

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The scientific name of the three day fever is Roseola Infantum or exanthema subitum. 3-day fever is a mild viral illness of sudden onset and short duration that most commonly affects young children, generally under two years old.

The early sign of 3 day fever (roseola infantum) is a sudden high fever (can go up to 40 degrees) and that normally lasts for three to five days. When the fever disappears, the rash will appear. This usually begins on the trunk, spreading to the legs and neck. The rash may last for few days.

There is no specific treatment or vaccines for Three Day Fever (roseola infantum), it usually goes away without any treatment.

These few days, Timmy was infected by Roseola Infantum, he had suddenly a very high fever after we came back shopping from midnight 12/04/2010 on. During the fever time, it wasn't easy to make him sleep and he cried very often. We used wet and cold wash cloth to mop his chest, back, armpit, legs and head, in order to reduce his high temperature. We did not know what caused his high fever, there was totally no sign of it (or perhaps we did not notice it).
Thanks to Monica from Turn-u-off for her tip to use ice packs (we haven't been sure if this would be too cold for him but it was definitely good for reducing his fever!)

About 2 days later (around 15/04), the fever was gone, and the rash showed up the first time on his head. Initially we thought it's some bites from ants (at that time we did not know about Roseola Infantum). But the rashes showed up more and more. It covered the neck, slowly to the chest and back, finally his arms and legs were covered. Honestly, it's scary to see that, and for sure it is the first time we experience this. These rashes are totally different which Timmy had several weeks ago.

Then I immediately checked from the internet about the symptoms, and finally found out it must be the 3 day fever. Then i was relieved to read that after the rashes, Timmy will be recovered. I checked the english information for my hubby to know about this sickness (my information was in chinese). After reading it, both of us felt no more so worried.

Here, i will post the photos.
Don't be shocked when you see the photos.

12/4 - Timmy was already inactive in the mall.

13/4 - Having high fever (up to 40 Celsius).

16/4 - Fever was gone, rashes appeared, started from head & neck.

16/4 - During the night, rashes getting more and more on the body (not itchy, no scratching!)

17/4 - No more like red dots, just covered with red rash.

18/04 - After getting again nearly 39 Celsius fever (during the night) the rash is nearly invisible since the afternoon (no pic yet)

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  1. 40 Celsius fever for a baby isn't a joke. I am so glad to see that Timmy is feeling better! :) *hugs*

  2. Poor Timmy.. I hope he feels better soon!

  3. Hope he's all well now. My prayers go out to Timmy to get well soon.

  4. Oh, poor Timmy! Glad its nothing serious.

  5. OMG it seems really hard to care for a baby, I do hope baby Timmy is okay now!! Hugs for baby Timmy! :(

  6. i agree 40 isnt a joke! :( is that measles? :( hope and praying he'll be okay soon!

    btw just read your message to me via entrecard. thanks much, im thinkin of joining CMF too. ill drop u a line if need help :) thanks!!!!

  7. I also think that this is measles, Well its a viral conditions that means the cause of the sickness will sel destruct once the body gained immunity. Have you consulted a physician about this?

    good things that the kid is back to normal, 39 is already dangerous too

  8. Having more than 1 child taught me not to really panic when they have fever especially around Timmy's age because I found out that having roseola infantum was normal for baby-toddlers. Just shows that Timmy is really growing-up.


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