Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What an interesting day for Timmy!

First Hair CutImage by wiccked via Flickr

Today we went to make the passports for me (Lupin) and Timmy. Like you can imagine from a government office, the process of getting things done there can take time. Especially when some things are missing as we didn't know that they want instead of the Identity card his birth certificate (which meant we had to drive home again to collect it) as a proof of his existence. After we left the first time at 8:30 am we took a quick break at home around 10:30 am and left again short after 11 am. Usually the sleeping time for Timmy.
Luckily i wore the comfortable baby sling, otherwise Timmy would be already very fussy. Back in the government office we still had to wait until 12:30 pm (we took the number already at 10 am) to submit the two forms for the passport. Luckily they split the submission for passports in two groups - one group is for any adult and our group was for parents with kids and retired persons (age older than 55 or 60).

This was a very good experience for Timmy as he has seldom contact with other babies/kids in his age. As soon as he saw other kids running around or being on the arms of their parents, he looked at them. Observed them at first what they are doing and what their reactions are and was in the mood to socialize with them. His first step is now usually that he waved his hands (which probably means hi or goodbye). If he was in reach of the babies, he tried to touch their arms, hands or bodies, most of the time they shacked hands ;)

We felt that he enjoyed being around these kids as for now we don't have the opportunity in Kuala Lumpur to find a group with the similar age.

After the submission of the documents we had to wait again because they made their lunch break from 1 - 2 pm. Another 1 1/2 hour went by until we could leave the -with hot and stuffy air filled - immigration office.

The 2-years-passports cost RM100 for each person. Martin said it's quite expensive compared to a German passport which would be valid for 10 years (for adults, babies a few years less).

After we took our lunch, Timmy had his first hair cut. Surprisingly, Timmy was very "obedient", he even did not move his head and body when the hairdresser cut his hair. Usually when you touch his head with your hand or put something on his head, he would immediately try to grab your hand or the item on his head. Or when we feed him in the high chair, he looses often his patience after a few minutes and tries to stand up and turns around in the high chair. That's why we thought Timmy would get impatient, scared or even cry at the hair dresser (like the kid on the picture *lol). We guess now it was because the hair dresser used the electric hair cutter instead of the scissor that gave him a new experience & feeling on his head (when it's vibrating). Timmy really gave us lots of surprises in the last few days!

Timmy, we love you! We love all the surprises that you gave us. "muacks.."
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