Monday, March 30, 2009

Advantages of breast-feeding your baby

There are numerous advantages of breast-feeding your baby.

  • It's time saving:
    The most obvious reason for breast-feeding is that you/your baby have usually instantly access to the breast milk because it's immediately available at a suitable feeding temperature.

  • It's money saving:
    If you are breast-feeding you should increase your daily calorie intake. Usually the cost for this food is around one third of the cost for the formula milk product.

  • Breast milk has the best ingredients mix:
    Main ingredients are sugar (lactose), easy to digest protein (whey and casein) and fat (digestible fatty acids), additional you may find many minerals, vitamins and enzymes which aid in the process of digestion. In comparison to formula milk, breast milk provides the baby with antibodies (to build up and strengthen his immune system) and the enzymes (which shows its effects in changing more often the diaper when you breastfeed).

  • Getting faster in your previous body shape:
    The body burns up to 500 calories each day while breast-feeding, it tightens up the shrinking uterus more quickly and brings the tummy back earlier in shape.

  • Emotional and psychological advantages for mother and baby:
    It includes direct skin-to-skin contact, milk production hormones also promotes the feelings of mothering, one of these hormones also gets into the breast milk and can be used as natural pacifier (that's why sometimes the baby falls asleep during feeding ;-) )
What are your experiences with breast-feeding? Which advantages did you recognize during the times of breast-feeding? Share your opinions!

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